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Clay whispered again, "Sit down on the bench, I have something for you!" Donna sank down and relaxed on the thin narrow seat, while Clay stepped in front of her and began unbuckling his pants. "Ever had a black cock," he asked insolently?! She shook her head no, but it was now obvious that in the next few minutes that was about to change! Clay slowly undid his belt, taking what seemed to Donna an inordinate amount of time for what seemed to her like a simple task! Finally in frustration she said, "Here, let me," and she pushed Clay`s hands away and took over the task of exposing his manhood. He wore tiny bikini under shorts, and the thin cotton barely contained the arching banana that was fighting to release itself from its prison! Taking both hands, she pulled the elastic towards her and then down, resulting in an unbelievably large tube of cock flesh popping out in front of her face while letting out a low moan and involuntarily opening her mouth and allowing the huge head to slip between her soft wet lips! Now it was Clay`s turn to moan, as he soon discovered that this middle aged white woman was a consummate cock sucker! "Sweet jesus," he groaned, "you suck like a black whore, bitch!" Hearing this from the young black stud, Donna`s cunt churned hard towards a massive orgasm!

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When she finished eating, the young man arose and told her to follow him down a long dark corridor, before stopping in front of a heavy wooden door, where he knocked twice, and a heavy bolt could be heard being thrown before the door slowly swung open. The feeling in Blair`s tummy had been more than correct, as the first thing she saw was a group of western looking women in various stages of undress. "W-what is this", she stammered, but already knowing the answer!? The young man who had been so polite, now turned to face her and replied, "I think you know what this is, Miss Ryan, but since you wish and explanation, I will give you one!" "As you can see", he went on, "all of these ladies are from the west, that being the U.S., Canada, England, or Australia!" "Here in the Middle East, the fruit of the white western woman is highly prized, so we afford our countrymen the opportunity to pick that forbidden fruit, do you understand!?" "It`s a brothel, "she replied a matter of factly, "and you kidnapped all of us to be used as your whores!" A small smile played across the young man`s face as he replied, "Of course you are correct, but this is a very expensive brothel, and I`m sure you will be most happy here!"

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After The Party

She was going to protest, but he grabbed her by the arm and led her over to a picnic table that was just a few yards away! He pushed down on her back and said in a thick voice, "My, god, Pris, just seeing your pussy bulging out and having that stream of potty coming out of it, I am so fucking turned on I can`t stand it!" Her dress, still up around her hips, left her naked below the waist and ready to be taken! While he pulled out his cock with one hand, he fingered her slit with the other, causing her to moan and slide her ass around on the dew covered table! He took the head of his pecker and ran it along her slit, teasing her clit until she was begging for him to fuck her! "Mmmm, I don`t know Pris", he said doubtfully, "maybe I shouldn`t, what if somebody sees us?!" "Are you nuts", she panted, "it`s almost four in the morning, all of the sane people are home in bed, now fuck me, now!" Unlike there quickie before the party, this time Gil took his time, using long even strokes, making the sensation on the head of his pecker last just as long as it could! Priscilla, on the other hand, while she enjoyed long hard fucks, was more in the mood to get rammed hard and fast!

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Art Class

Looking back up at Michael, Mona commented some more, "Look ladies, his pecker is getting harder and his nut sack is tightening up, I think our model about is ready to blow his load, would anyone here like to let him ejaculate in her mouth!?" The usually quiet Kristie, practically leaped to the front of the room, took her place at Michael`s feet and fairly inhaled his big pecker into her hot mouth! "Oh, god", Michael moaned, "suck me off, I`m so close, let me shoot it in your mouth!" For the next minute or so, all that could be heard was the sound of Kristie`s mouth slurping up and down Michael`s big shaft and head, but all at once he sensed something else going on around him! As he gazed out at the rest of the class, all of the women were now furiously masturbating their hot pussies, and in a display of absolute brazenness, they thrust their crotches towards him in almost an offertory symbol of submission to his huge erection! Through gritted teeth he growled, "I`m fucking cumming, all you cunts cum with me, now!" Kristie`s hand was flying up and down his shaft as she masturbated his pecker into her mouth, but upon hearing he was about to shoot, she pulled her mouth away and took the thundering blasts directly onto her pretty face! The other women, seeing the cum splash across Kristie`s cheeks and chin, convulsed as their own pussies lost control and climaxed with in a crashing rush!

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Young And Old

Nine inches of meat, that`s what the catalogue had said, and as far as Alicia could tell it was a least that, as she pulled the swollen head into her mouth and sucked it like a baby sucks a pacifier! Tommy put is arms behind him on the floor and leaned back, relaxing while the old slut took care of hot thick member with her warm mouth! "Do you know what I`ve found," asked Tommy?! "What," Alicia asked between sucks?! I`ve found that older women are much better at sucking cock that younger women," he continued, "they just seem to know how to satisfy a man while the younger ones always try to get it over in a hurry!" "In a hurry," Alicia thought, "how could anyone want this to get over quickly, this was this closest thing to heaven she could imagine, the head was so smooth and soft, and the shaft so long thick and veiny, it was better than any cock she had ever sucked, bar none!" Alicia began working her mouth faster and faster up and down the length of Tommy`s shaft, each time twirling her tongue around the head when she got to the top! His moans told her that he was close, and even though she had sucked a lot of cock in her day, never in her wildest dreams was she ready for the torrent of cum that spurted uncontrollably into her hot mouth! "Oh, shit," he moaned, "I`m fucking cumming so fucking hard, you are the best cocksucker I`ve ever had!" Hearing him extol her oral virtues, she jerked him with her hand as he emptied his nut sack into the back of her throat with vicious spurts of hot sperm!

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