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Water Supply

Harry lowered his voice so no one could hear him, and he whispered into the receiver, "Masturbate for me bitch, and tell me what you`re doing!" Ready to slam down the phone if he had too, Harry listened intently for any response, and the first words he heard were, "My cunt`s so fucking hot, I need to cum so badly!" "I`m taking off my panties, and running my fingers into my slit," she said in a strained voice! "You`re the minister`s wife aren`t you," asked Harry? "Yes," she panted into the phone! "Does your husband fuck you very often," Harry pressed on!? "Almost every night," was her reply, "my husband`s a good fuck!" "Do you suck him off," Harry asked excitedly!? "Oh, god yes," she stammered, "I suck him off at least two or three times a week!" "Betty," he continued, "have you ever sucked another girl!?" "Oh yes, my husband and I suck one of the alter girls, she`s only eighteen and has a very pretty pussy," she replied! "Does she suck you, too," Harry asked!? "Mmmmmm, yes, she`s a born cunt and cock sucker, she can`t get enough of it!" What about young boys," Harry went on, "do you ever suck any of them off!?" "Yes," came her clenched teeth answer, "we have a nineteen year old boy we both love to suck off!" Does the reverend suck him too," Harry asked!? Oh, yes," she moaned, "my husband loves to have a strong young cock shoot into his mouth!" Harry couldn`t believe it, but his pecker was hard as a rock from just listening to the prim and proper minister`s wife regale him with stories of her private sex life while masturbating like a cheap slut drunk from cheaper wine! "Okay," Harry ordered her, "be a good little cunt and cum for daddy, all right!?" "Yessss," she gasped, "I-I-I`m cumming so fucking hard," while Harry sat quietly and listened as Betty Winslow fingered her now dripping cunt to orgasm!

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When ever the doctor performed this exam, Laura couldn't help but push her vagina hard into his hand, she knew it was wrong, but she couldn't help herself! "It's worse than usual Miss Ames, her clitoris is definitely distended and erect, a classic case of hysteria, here feel for yourself," he ordered! Nurse Ames let her fingers slide into Laura's vagina where upon she let them roam all over her crack until she finally settled on her clitoris! Laura clenched her teeth, trying not to make a sound, but as Nurse Ames fingered and probed her vagina, she couldn't help but let out a long low moan! Both the doctor and nurse looked at each other, shook their heads, and decided on a course of treatment. By now Laura's vagina was dripping and gaping open in anticipation of her "treatment"! Dr. Hughes turned on the machine, and the eight inch ivory pacifier started to vibrate while he order his nurse, "Hold her open, Nurse Ames, let's get started!" As each orgasm tore through her crotch, Nurse Ames recorded everyone of them in her notebook, even going so far as to indicate the depth and severity of each individual climax!

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To keep her calm until her masseuse arrived, the barber would usually insert a small vibrator into her pussy inducing a much need climax! She then would take a ten or fifteen minute nap, with the vibrator still humming softly in her pussy, driving her libido towards another cum! When he finally arrived, he would always have her turn over on her belly so he could start on her back and ass! Her ass while not fat, was full and womanly, and he would coat his hands with oil and knead the firm flesh, while periodically sliding down her ass crack to her puffed up pussy! As her desire grew, he would have her lift up off the table so he could slide a pillow under her belly, this had the effect of lifting her crotch up in the air and making it more available to manual manipulation! Gently, he would then spread her legs, leaving her wide open and ready to go! On some days, he would lean down and tongue her to orgasm, while on others, he would simply use his fingers on her open anus and vagina, she really never knew what was going to happen! Today, however, he decided to treat her to something different! He opened a drawer and retrieved a large thick dildo and after covering its head with oil, slowly inserted it into her pulsating cunt! This was a definitely a surprise, as today she had been expecting to be sucked off! Grunting hard, she pushed back against the steady thrusting, trying hard to force the massive latex invader deeper into her needy slit until her orgasm cascaded over her like a tidal wave, until she collapsed in a heap with the big rubber cock hanging out of her well fucked cunt!

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Special Delivery

When his lips touched hers, she moaned again, unable to control the fury that was welling up inside of her! "You know what to do, Tom," she begged, "my clit, do my clit!!!" While at first he was a little hesitant, like any man, he let his pecker do his thinking for him! Hard as a piece of blue steel, he tongue lashed Dani's pussy up and down her drooling crack! He loved sucking his boss's cunt, but what Tom really needed right now was to bury his snake deep into her tight little fuck hole! Standing up, he tore at his belt and zipper, and shoved his pants and shorts to his ankles with one push as his thick seven inches bobbed in the air just inches from the hole that so desperately needed to be filled! Dani reached down and took his manhood into her fist and guided it into her gaping pussy! When his head had just cleared the entrance, Tom rammed his member all the way in with one might plunge, making Dani's eyes rolled back into her head and she groaned loudly while shoving her cunt towards the thick cudgel that sprouted from Tom's loins!

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Hardcore Vacation

By now several other women had emerged from the trees and were exposing theirown vaginas, while waiting anxiously for someone to come along and orally relieve them. As if being taken over by a strange force, Glenn could feel her legs propelling her to a vacant spot next to a young man with a huge erection! She hadn't seen a cock of any kind in over two years, but this cock, this cock was like nothing she had seen her entire life! Staring at it, the young man offered, "Would you like to suck me off ma'am, I'd be honored it you would, as you can see, I need a hard cum really bad!" The next thing Glenn knew she was on her knees sucking the fat monster cock like it was the last one on the face of the earth! When he finally erupted in her mouth, it was like a tidal wave of cum flooding her mouth as the young man spurted load after load into her waiting mouth, seemingly trying to make up for her two year abstinence! When she had swallowed it all down, she stood up and lifted her own dress, showing off her cunt to any and all that cared to look! The same young woman who had tongued Dolly came over and offered to relieve all of Glenn's anxieties!

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