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Sex Ed

It was very erotic for Miss Warden to see her female students jerking off the boys, and it was all she could do to keep from reaching down and masturbating in front of the whole class! Suddenly the room was filled with the moaning and groaning of young boys as their penises began ejaculating into the hands of their female classmates! The girls were completely enthralled by the spitting peckers, and one of the girls involuntarily dropped to her knees and took the shooting member into her mouth and finished him off with fellatio! While some of the girls were aghast, others followed suit and leaned over and took their partner's hardons into their mouths and sucked like babies at a nipple! There was a lot of talking going on all at once, and Miss Warden had to quiet them down and ask for silence, while several girls continued to suck even as she spoke. "Okay, everyone, quiet, what Wendy and Dawn are doing is called fellatio, it is like a special way of making love to your partner's penis, Dawn, Wendy, please stop sucking and join the rest of the class, please!"

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Pink Panties

"Lube it and do me", begged Eric, as he turned around and bent over with his ass up in the air! Jack grabbed a handful of Vaseline and rubbed it all over the head of his pecker, until when he was all slicked up and ready to fuck the tight little ass hole that was presenting itself to him. Jack smeared Eric`s asshole with the rest of the Vaseline, and then proceeded to slide his thickness slowly into Eric`s rectum, inducing Eric to moan loud and long as a mixture of pain and ecstasy filled his willing ass! The first few strokes were slow and measured, giving Eric`s asshole a chance to get used to the massive invader, but when he thought he was ready, however, Jack began increasing the pace of his fucking, slamming his meat in and out of the tight little bung hole with frightening speed! By now Eric`s moans had moved to near screams, and he pleaded with Jack to ram him harder and spray his ass with cum!

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Nurse Maid

While the young man tongued her wet pussy, Petra went back to suckling on the huge breast that rested against her cheek! God, this was heaven, having the milky breast of a young lady in your mouth, while having your cunt eaten by a hung young stud! "Ma`am", the girl asked, "I-I`m going to cum now, I can`t help it, when my nipples get sucked I almost always have n orgasm!" "Oh, baby", Petra slobbered, "cum for mama, be a good little girl and cum for her!" Moments later, and absolute flood of milk filled her mouth, as the blonde`s pussy convulsed in an involuntary climax! She caressed Petra`s head and pulled it hard into her voluptuous chest, moaning softly as her orgasm slowly subsided, leaving her the warm feeling of after glow that always accompanied her climaxes! "Holy shit", she groaned through clenched teeth, "he`s a fucking machine, I`m gonna cum, I`m gonna cum!" As her orgasm was about to peak, the blonde took a nipple and put it to Petra`s lips, immediately the milk squirted into her mouth, just as the young man filled her snatch with a torrent of burning hot jism, which of course sent her careening out of control and into orgasmic bliss! She didn`t even notice that the young man had left, as she gently suckled on the big nipple still in her mouth! "You were very nice to me", the blonde said, while petting her on the cheek, "I hope you come back and use me again, my breasts will always be full for you!

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Baby Smooth

Sam had already begun frigging her pussy, and the sight of her best friend eating out her mother, well, lets just say that it was a fucking unreal sight as both mother and daughter rode a magic carpet towards mutual orgasms! Sam always knew that her mom was sexy, but this, it was too much, she was a fucking sex machine!!! As she watched and fingered herself, she realized where all of her sexual energy came from--her mother's hot fucking cunt!!! It was now apparent to Sam, that neither she nor her mother could really control the fires that burned in their pussies, and all they could do was try to keep the infernos in their crotches in check!!! As the orgasms welled up like volcanoes ready to explode, mother and daughter locked eyes, and Amanda mouthed the words, "I love you," and as if on cue, both of their pussies were rocked by earth shaking climaxes!

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Broken Strap

"Do you find that at the end of the day your breasts are just dying to relax a little," Paula asked?! "Mmmmm, yes," Stella replied, "my breasts always feel like they`re in prison until I can get my bra off!" What happen next stunned Stella so much that she just stood there like a statue! "I`m a 40DD, just about the same size as you," Paula replied, "and at the end of the day, when I take off my bra, all I want to do is massage them like this," and incredibly, Paula reached out, took Stella`s breasts in her hands, and began massaging them slowly! "Doesn`t that feel good," Paula whispered, while gently twisting Stella`s quickly hardening nipples, "I just love to do my nipples at the end of the day, don`t you?!" Stella`s head began to spin, as the twisting of her nipples sent an electric shock straight to her clit, and she stammered, "P-Paula, what are you doing!?" A small smile spread across her face, and Paula replied softly, "Stella, your nipples are giving you away, you do love it don`t you!?" This time, Stella didn`t replay, she just leaned against the wall of the dressing room and sighed a contented sigh, which was answer enough for Paula! While continuing to massage and rub Stella`s breasts, Paula leaned closer and whispered into her ear, "Do you know what feels better than hands and fingers!?" Stella, now breathing very shallowly, knew the answer, but gasped anyway, "What, what feels better than fingers and hands!?"

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