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House Guests

"I think that you`re perverted", Dina said to her husband, Alan, "spying on our guests, you must be out of your mind!" Alan snickered while he fine tuned the monitor that was receiving a live feed from the guest bedroom! "Oh loosen up, Dee", he replied in an exasperated voice, "don`t try and tell me that you haven`t wondered what Rick has hidden inside of his shorts!" Dina rolled her eyes and retorted, "It makes no difference what I`ve thought about, what matters is that it`s wrong to take advantage of our friends like this!" Just then, Jackie, Rick`s wife, came into the picture and began removing her clothing to get ready for a shower! Alan gave out a low whistle and said, "Wow, Dee, look at the body on her, fantastic!" Before Dina could answer, Rick also appeared on the screen, coming up behind his wife and cupping her ripe breasts I his hands! "Look", Alan said excitedly, "Rick`s gonna fuck her", and instead of acting outraged, Dina sat down on the bed next to Alan and watched in fascination while one of her best friends from college sucked and fucked her husband with the wanton abandon of a French whore!

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Special Delivery

When his lips touched hers, she moaned again, unable to control the fury that was welling up inside of her! "You know what to do, Tom," she begged, "my clit, do my clit!!!" While at first he was a little hesitant, like any man, he let his pecker do his thinking for him! Hard as a piece of blue steel, he tongue lashed Dani's pussy up and down her drooling crack! He loved sucking his boss's cunt, but what Tom really needed right now was to bury his snake deep into her tight little fuck hole! Standing up, he tore at his belt and zipper, and shoved his pants and shorts to his ankles with one push as his thick seven inches bobbed in the air just inches from the hole that so desperately needed to be filled! Dani reached down and took his manhood into her fist and guided it into her gaping pussy! When his head had just cleared the entrance, Tom rammed his member all the way in with one might plunge, making Dani's eyes rolled back into her head and she groaned loudly while shoving her cunt towards the thick cudgel that sprouted from Tom's loins!

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Pool Party

It was a very erotic sight, a pretty woman getting her pussy eaten by a man in a pool, and then getting a suck job on her breasts by another woman! Now, no one was in the mood for any jokes, and as if by magic, all three of the other men quickly attained erections, which of course they all started to slowly fist in their hands! Katie, seeing that Gene was jerking his big cock, sat down on the chair in front of him, took him into her mouth, and began sucking him softly as he sighed, "Oh my, I never get tired of this, suck it for me, hon!" Although they all liked a good fucking, this group was ravenously oral, and in most cases the men would end up ejaculating into the women`s mouths, and of course, the women would drench their husbands` faces and mouths with oodles of hot cunt juice! Winnie`s breathing had now become very shallow and irregular as Troy`s mouth attacked her vagina like the Germans were invading Poland, and while offering little or no resistance, she spread her legs as wide as they would stretch to afford her husband maximum access to her now quivering cunt!

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Water Supply

Harry lowered his voice so no one could hear him, and he whispered into the receiver, "Masturbate for me bitch, and tell me what you`re doing!" Ready to slam down the phone if he had too, Harry listened intently for any response, and the first words he heard were, "My cunt`s so fucking hot, I need to cum so badly!" "I`m taking off my panties, and running my fingers into my slit," she said in a strained voice! "You`re the minister`s wife aren`t you," asked Harry? "Yes," she panted into the phone! "Does your husband fuck you very often," Harry pressed on!? "Almost every night," was her reply, "my husband`s a good fuck!" "Do you suck him off," Harry asked excitedly!? "Oh, god yes," she stammered, "I suck him off at least two or three times a week!" "Betty," he continued, "have you ever sucked another girl!?" "Oh yes, my husband and I suck one of the alter girls, she`s only eighteen and has a very pretty pussy," she replied! "Does she suck you, too," Harry asked!? "Mmmmmm, yes, she`s a born cunt and cock sucker, she can`t get enough of it!" What about young boys," Harry went on, "do you ever suck any of them off!?" "Yes," came her clenched teeth answer, "we have a nineteen year old boy we both love to suck off!" Does the reverend suck him too," Harry asked!? Oh, yes," she moaned, "my husband loves to have a strong young cock shoot into his mouth!" Harry couldn`t believe it, but his pecker was hard as a rock from just listening to the prim and proper minister`s wife regale him with stories of her private sex life while masturbating like a cheap slut drunk from cheaper wine! "Okay," Harry ordered her, "be a good little cunt and cum for daddy, all right!?" "Yessss," she gasped, "I-I-I`m cumming so fucking hard," while Harry sat quietly and listened as Betty Winslow fingered her now dripping cunt to orgasm!

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The Extra

Claudia held on to the big pecker with two hands, slowly jerking it up and down while she eagerly sucked on the big head. It didn't take long for it to stiffen to its maximum length, and then stretch Claudia's mouth wide open, tiring her jaws out as they strained to keep a hold of the thick piece of cock flesh. Hearing him groan only encouraged Claudia to suck even harder, and seconds later, she was greeted by a hot torrent of cum that filled her mouth to over flowing! Aldo moaned loudly and said between pants, "You always did know how to suck my prick, baby, I missed you too!!!" Claudia was in such a state of sexual excitement, that just by squeezing her thighs together, she induced her own orgasm with no other physical contact! The mere presence of the massive cock in her mouth, the shooting cum, and hearing the young man praising her oral technique was enough to push her over the orgasmic edge!

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