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Debt Consolidation

She had always loved oral sex, and she hungrily sucked Jack's fat head deep into her mouth. "Oh, god," he moaned, "she's the best I've ever had, I hope she can suck your cunt just as well!!!" While Nancy was sucking on Jack's cock, Blair was busily removing her own clothing until she stood there in just her bra and panties. Jack was watching her strip, and the combination of seeing his boss expose herself, and the expert oral attention Nancy was giving his meat was more than her could take, and with a loud groan he let loose a gusher of cum into the hot little bitch's mouth! Nancy drank it all down, her cunt having turned into a molten cavern of lust! God she needed an orgasm, but these two only seemed bent on getting off themselves! Blair sat down on the edge of the desk with her legs spread wide apart and a look on her face that meant only one thing - eat my cunt! For the first time, however, Nancy shook her head no and announced, "Look cunt, I don't mind sucking you off, but I want some too, so lay down on the floor so we can sixty nine!!!"

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Baby Smooth

Sam had already begun frigging her pussy, and the sight of her best friend eating out her mother, well, lets just say that it was a fucking unreal sight as both mother and daughter rode a magic carpet towards mutual orgasms! Sam always knew that her mom was sexy, but this, it was too much, she was a fucking sex machine!!! As she watched and fingered herself, she realized where all of her sexual energy came from--her mother's hot fucking cunt!!! It was now apparent to Sam, that neither she nor her mother could really control the fires that burned in their pussies, and all they could do was try to keep the infernos in their crotches in check!!! As the orgasms welled up like volcanoes ready to explode, mother and daughter locked eyes, and Amanda mouthed the words, "I love you," and as if on cue, both of their pussies were rocked by earth shaking climaxes!

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His reply was swift and sure, "When you get into the building, go to the rest room and remove your panties, do you understand me?!" "Yes," she answered. "Also," he continued, did you insert the small plastic object in you pussy as I asked you to?!" "Again she replied, "Yes, I did it this morning before I left work." "Do you know what it is," he asked? "No," she answered. Within five seconds of her last reply, the small object in her pussy suddenly sprang to life, vibrating with unusual intensity! She gasped out loud, and a small moan escaped her throat as the miniature vibrator sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body! She was brought back to reality when Sir David spoke again, "Hanna, when you meet your appointment, you will stand before him, lift your skirt, and ask him to orally satisfy you! "A wave of panic swept over Hanna, because her next appointment was not with a man at all, but with Laura Thomas, vice president in charge of procurement. Hanna gulped hard and begged, "Please, Sir David, my next appointment is with a female, and I`ve never met her before, and this is a new account, don`t make me do this, please!" The voice on the other end of the line suddenly turned hard with a touch of cruelty, and it said, "You dare question me, bitch, you better get in and do as you`re told, or you will live to regret it!" "And one more thing," he continued on, "use your tape recorder, I want to hear everything, got it!?" A shiver ran down her back, and she answered quietly, "Yes, master, I understand!"

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The Dancer

These are ladies who normally wouldn't even use foul language, but put them in a room with two or three hundred others just like them, ply them with a little booze, and before you knew it they were sucking and fucking young strangers in a public night club!!! Up on the stage two twins were putting on quite a show, down to their g-strings, they had a volunteer from the crowd dancing between them! She was having a great time feeling them up and having them press her between them, touching her breasts and putting their hands up her skirt! One of the twins held up her skirt while his brother pulled down her panties and ate her pussy right there on stage!!! With her hairy pussy was split wide open and showing a generous amount of pink to the roaring crowd, the quite embarrassed woman was now totally out of control,and jutted her mound forward, hoping to get her clit in better contact with the insistent tongue that was working up and down her slit!

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"Would you like us to take off our bras", Connie asked quietly, while she stared at his pecker?! "Y-yes, please", he stammered, "take them off for me!" As Connie unhooked the eight snaps holding Amy`s massive brassiere, she groaned, "Look, Amy, he`s getting and erection!" Kevin had never in life given a thought that fat girls could be sexy, but incredibly, his pecker was turning into a piece of hard steel! "Sweet, jesus", he moaned when Amy`s full chest flopped onto the top roll of tummy fat, "they`re unbelievable!" He started to reach down to jerk his erection but was stopped when Connie ordered, "Stop that, in this house you never jerk off, one of us will always be their to either suck or fuck you, agreed?!" "Y-yes", he stammered, "I need it now, please, help me!" "Just wait a minute", Amy teased, "until we get all of our things off, then you`ll get all the attention you need!" "Okay", he panted, "p-please hurry!" "I think he likes us, Connie", Amy said sweetly, "I guess we`d better get the rest of our things off!"

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