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"Last chance to back out", Jack offered, "once I pierce it and put in the jewelry it`s all over!" Closing her eyes, Krista replied, "Just do it, I as ready as a I`ll ever be!" With her clit full of Novocain, Krista could feel Jack`s hands all over her cunt lips, and also some pushing and tugging, but there was no real pain! After about ten minutes, Jack announced, "All finished, it looks great!" "Can I see", Krista asked excitedly!? Jack positioned a mirror between her open thighs, and much to her delight, a small silver barbell poked out from under her hood and held her clit open for anyone to see! "Wow", she gushed, "it looks fabulous, I love it, and I don`t feel any pain whatsoever!" Jack chuckled a bet and replied, "I`m glad you like it, but as far as the pain thing goes, your clit is still under the local anesthetic, but in a few hours it will be pretty painful, so here`s an oral pain killer, in a week or so it should start to heal up and feel normal again!"

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Young And Old

Nine inches of meat, that`s what the catalogue had said, and as far as Alicia could tell it was a least that, as she pulled the swollen head into her mouth and sucked it like a baby sucks a pacifier! Tommy put is arms behind him on the floor and leaned back, relaxing while the old slut took care of hot thick member with her warm mouth! "Do you know what I`ve found," asked Tommy?! "What," Alicia asked between sucks?! I`ve found that older women are much better at sucking cock that younger women," he continued, "they just seem to know how to satisfy a man while the younger ones always try to get it over in a hurry!" "In a hurry," Alicia thought, "how could anyone want this to get over quickly, this was this closest thing to heaven she could imagine, the head was so smooth and soft, and the shaft so long thick and veiny, it was better than any cock she had ever sucked, bar none!" Alicia began working her mouth faster and faster up and down the length of Tommy`s shaft, each time twirling her tongue around the head when she got to the top! His moans told her that he was close, and even though she had sucked a lot of cock in her day, never in her wildest dreams was she ready for the torrent of cum that spurted uncontrollably into her hot mouth! "Oh, shit," he moaned, "I`m fucking cumming so fucking hard, you are the best cocksucker I`ve ever had!" Hearing him extol her oral virtues, she jerked him with her hand as he emptied his nut sack into the back of her throat with vicious spurts of hot sperm!

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As she played with Amy Jo`s tits, the blonde remarked to herself, "I just love big fucking tits", and she leaned over and took one of Amy Jo`s nipples into her mouth and sucked on it hard, biting and nibbling it, causing Amy Jo to yelp with pain and pleasure! "You like that don`t you, cunt", slobbered the blonde between sucks on the big nipples!? Amy Jo didn`t answer, but moaned loud and long as her nipples were chewed by the horny blonde bitch! Standing back up, the blonde pushed her bare twat directly into Amy Jo`s, and the two women ground their vaginas together until their clits made direct contact with each other! Kissing again, the two lesbians slowly worked their cunts together, trying desperately to keep their clits rubbing together, while their tongues intertwined, the two pussies worked together, racing towards a mutual climax!

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Holding her dress in the air with her legs spread and getting her pussy fingered by this strange black man was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to her, and almost involuntarily Lou had a hard climax right then and there! Philip merely smiled at the shaking woman as he slowly began unbuckling his belt. Her arms were getting tired holding up the dress, but he admonished her to keep them up so that he could see her naked pussy. She quickly forgot about her tired arms when Philip Arcera's cock popped out of his pants, it was at least nine inches long and thick as her wrist, inducing Louanne to let out a long low moan at the sight of the huge pecker now just inches from her dripping vagina! Slowly but surely he lowered her onto his black pecker, feeding it into her inch by inch until she was totally impaled by the black dominator! Lou wrapped her legs around his waist and let her weight rest on his massive erection, while her cunt muscles gripped and ungripped the thick cudgel that sprang from Philip's groin.

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The Prisoner

Hannah leaned back and let her body relax as the cute little nineteen year old inmate sucked feverishly on her dripping vagina! "Oh, yes", Hannah sighed, "do my clit for me, mmmmmmm, you have a very talented tongue, my dear!" Beth worked her mouth up and down Hannah Oldman`s pussy, making sure to spend a lot of time on her erect little clitoris, because she knew that this was simply and audition, and that if she displeased the warden in any way, she would be shipped right back to Mac`s cell! As her orgasm grew nearer, Hannah pushed the intercom button and in a shallow voice asked her secretary to come into her office! Beth started to pull away, but a firm hand on the back of her head told her that she was to keep licking no matter what! Behind her, she could hear the door open, and then the warden said, "Connie, you remember Beth, she`s a wonderful cunt lapper, and I just wanted you to see her suck me to orgasm! "Watch us Connie", Hannah gasped, "watch the little cunt eat my pussy and love every second of it!" Beth`s head was now spinning, here she was sucking the warden`s pussy while her secretary watched, just incredible! "Connie, dear", Hannah moaned, "would you lift your dress and masturbate for me, you know how much I love seeing you finger your shaved little pussy!"

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