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As she played with Amy Jo`s tits, the blonde remarked to herself, "I just love big fucking tits", and she leaned over and took one of Amy Jo`s nipples into her mouth and sucked on it hard, biting and nibbling it, causing Amy Jo to yelp with pain and pleasure! "You like that don`t you, cunt", slobbered the blonde between sucks on the big nipples!? Amy Jo didn`t answer, but moaned loud and long as her nipples were chewed by the horny blonde bitch! Standing back up, the blonde pushed her bare twat directly into Amy Jo`s, and the two women ground their vaginas together until their clits made direct contact with each other! Kissing again, the two lesbians slowly worked their cunts together, trying desperately to keep their clits rubbing together, while their tongues intertwined, the two pussies worked together, racing towards a mutual climax!

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The Prisoner

Hannah leaned back and let her body relax as the cute little nineteen year old inmate sucked feverishly on her dripping vagina! "Oh, yes", Hannah sighed, "do my clit for me, mmmmmmm, you have a very talented tongue, my dear!" Beth worked her mouth up and down Hannah Oldman`s pussy, making sure to spend a lot of time on her erect little clitoris, because she knew that this was simply and audition, and that if she displeased the warden in any way, she would be shipped right back to Mac`s cell! As her orgasm grew nearer, Hannah pushed the intercom button and in a shallow voice asked her secretary to come into her office! Beth started to pull away, but a firm hand on the back of her head told her that she was to keep licking no matter what! Behind her, she could hear the door open, and then the warden said, "Connie, you remember Beth, she`s a wonderful cunt lapper, and I just wanted you to see her suck me to orgasm! "Watch us Connie", Hannah gasped, "watch the little cunt eat my pussy and love every second of it!" Beth`s head was now spinning, here she was sucking the warden`s pussy while her secretary watched, just incredible! "Connie, dear", Hannah moaned, "would you lift your dress and masturbate for me, you know how much I love seeing you finger your shaved little pussy!"

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To keep her calm until her masseuse arrived, the barber would usually insert a small vibrator into her pussy inducing a much need climax! She then would take a ten or fifteen minute nap, with the vibrator still humming softly in her pussy, driving her libido towards another cum! When he finally arrived, he would always have her turn over on her belly so he could start on her back and ass! Her ass while not fat, was full and womanly, and he would coat his hands with oil and knead the firm flesh, while periodically sliding down her ass crack to her puffed up pussy! As her desire grew, he would have her lift up off the table so he could slide a pillow under her belly, this had the effect of lifting her crotch up in the air and making it more available to manual manipulation! Gently, he would then spread her legs, leaving her wide open and ready to go! On some days, he would lean down and tongue her to orgasm, while on others, he would simply use his fingers on her open anus and vagina, she really never knew what was going to happen! Today, however, he decided to treat her to something different! He opened a drawer and retrieved a large thick dildo and after covering its head with oil, slowly inserted it into her pulsating cunt! This was a definitely a surprise, as today she had been expecting to be sucked off! Grunting hard, she pushed back against the steady thrusting, trying hard to force the massive latex invader deeper into her needy slit until her orgasm cascaded over her like a tidal wave, until she collapsed in a heap with the big rubber cock hanging out of her well fucked cunt!

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His reply was swift and sure, "When you get into the building, go to the rest room and remove your panties, do you understand me?!" "Yes," she answered. "Also," he continued, did you insert the small plastic object in you pussy as I asked you to?!" "Again she replied, "Yes, I did it this morning before I left work." "Do you know what it is," he asked? "No," she answered. Within five seconds of her last reply, the small object in her pussy suddenly sprang to life, vibrating with unusual intensity! She gasped out loud, and a small moan escaped her throat as the miniature vibrator sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body! She was brought back to reality when Sir David spoke again, "Hanna, when you meet your appointment, you will stand before him, lift your skirt, and ask him to orally satisfy you! "A wave of panic swept over Hanna, because her next appointment was not with a man at all, but with Laura Thomas, vice president in charge of procurement. Hanna gulped hard and begged, "Please, Sir David, my next appointment is with a female, and I`ve never met her before, and this is a new account, don`t make me do this, please!" The voice on the other end of the line suddenly turned hard with a touch of cruelty, and it said, "You dare question me, bitch, you better get in and do as you`re told, or you will live to regret it!" "And one more thing," he continued on, "use your tape recorder, I want to hear everything, got it!?" A shiver ran down her back, and she answered quietly, "Yes, master, I understand!"

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Home Economics

Andrea watched for awhile as the two students experimented with each other, but finally she interrupted with, "Okay Millie, you can reach in and finger your clit, but now its time to fellate Danny to completion!" Her cunt was buttery to the touch, and Millie almost climaxed from her initial touch, but she controlled herself long enough to get Danny's head into her hungry mouth! It tasted even better than she could have ever imagined! The huge thickness that filled her mouth gave her the sense of being dominated, by being made to feel totally female, to feel the need of having a male take care of her sexually, to have a huge erection at her beck and call, it was too much, and her cunt muscles contracted hard and she exploded in a stunning orgasm the likes of which she had never experienced before while right in the midst of her cum, Danny's organ spasmed hard, sending a torrent of jism down her virgin throat, practically choking her by its sheer volume!

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